Bored In San Francisco: Oxymoron

Heard at SFO, Gate 24: “There’s not much to do in San Francisco.” Uh, yeah. Utterly devoid of Things to Do. Yikes. I cannot even come close to imagining being bored in San Francisco.

Highlight on this trip was meeting a couple of folks. One, a systems engineer who works for PeopleSoft. We had a great talk about a variety of topics: marketing, high tech, the Waldorf schools. My children go to the Portland Waldorf School; his to the Cedarwood School. He gave me a book called “The Future Does Not Compute“. As a marketeer of computer systems, I am intrigued by this book; one of my private wonders is about the backlash of computing and data and things technical.

The other person I met was the CEO of a golf course design company. We had a multifaceted and rewarding conversation, too. The book on his lap was called “The Wisdom of Crowds“. A marketeer’s dream. It needs to go on the growing reading list…

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