National Running Day

I hadn’t heard of such a thing until it popped up in Twitter or Facebook sometime last week. My first reaction was why would we need one of those? But then I took a quick glance at the site and saw that it was trying to expose people to a simple form of exercise, if not instill the habit. Okay, I’ll buy that. I’ve been a runner, sometimes a serious one, for a long time, and one of the things I’ve always appreciated is the no-mussness, no-fussness of it all. Shoes, socks, shorts, and a t-shirt is pretty much all it takes. Like any other pursuit, though, you can gear up to your heart’s and wallet’s content.

This morning, I drove (see, one step up from simplicity) to Forest Park on my way to work and logged a sluggish 37 minutes. iPod (another step removed from the basics) shuffle gave me Steve Earle, Greg Brown, Alison Krauss, Lucinda Williams, Macy Gray, James Low, Ryan Adams, Jack Johnson, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, and maybe one or two others.

It was a sticky run today, with morning temps in the unreasonably and unseasonably warm upper 60s. Here it is nearly two hours later and our humidity is still hanging around 70%. Yuck. I hope it’s not a harbinger of things to come this summer. I thought we’d be headed into our usual cruddy Rose Festival weather when the skies clouded up yesterday, but they only brought stagnation.

Nonetheless, I huffed and puffed my contribution to National Running Day, and now I sit staring at a nalgene of water and a ventisoynowaterfourpumpchai, wondering when those market opportunity bullets are going to write themselves. Sheesh.